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Welcome to RetroDev! We’re a bedroom-based homebrew game developer, we’ve been going for about six years, and we’re based in Dundee, Scotland.

The RetroDev Philosophy

RetroDev are simply a small group of developers making games and concept sketches from the comfort of our bedrooms. We do this for the fun of it, outside of our our normal jobs, which are also mostly in the games industry. It’s an old school development process, without all the mess that has become associated with game development.

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Action, Adventure, Shooter

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December 02, 2020




Android, IOS

Grab this opportunity to walk into the battlefield with all the stealth and courage to celebrate this Christmas with some slick action.

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Be the first to complete the mission you are on to save the world from the intruders and earn all the riches.

Action Games

Set sail on a voyage through the unexplored lanes of destruction and war with our wide range of action games. Action games are very popular in PC, consoles, mobiles as well as in different online casino games (find the most popular casino games here).

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Reinventing the Game: How Tech Innovations Transforming Online Casinos

Reinventing the Game: How Tech Innovations Transforming Online Casinos

The world of online gambling is constantly changing, and the ability to change constantly is known as innovation. We are looking at online casinos differently, and this is a result of technology advancements. 

Online gaming is changing at a fast speed, from advanced artificial intelligence applications to virtual reality, which is full of immersion. So, in this guide we will shed light on the innovative qualities of toplist of new casinos entering Brazilian market

Virtual Reality: A Game-Changer

Try VR technology to step into the future; it offers players an opportunity to be in a realistic casino without going anywhere. This gaming is completely online; hence, it transcends the traditional flat screen setting by providing full interaction through an actual 3D environment with those around as well as other players.

Artificial Intelligence: Personalizing the Experience

Player data is analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to provide personalized experiences and recommendations in the future. Creating algorithms with AI will help to find patterns that can be used to predict different human behaviors during play, thus improving players’ involvement in different games at a higher rate and enabling gaming facilities to maximize revenue.

Blockchain: Trust and Transparency

There have been recent developments with blockchain technology, which have opened up a whole new area where people can be sure they are dealing with people they trust when playing online in casinos using this technique. 

If you use this technology-based system to make games available, then there’s no way except through blockchain transactions to ensure that every result is random and can be checked independently. 

With these facts before us, it seems improbable that any online casino on earth could operate without such a requirement, especially since its very existence depends on being trustworthy.

Mobile Gaming: Gaming on the Go

Due the many smartphones and tablets, people can now play the casino games they like, no matter where they are, with a mobile device. Mobile gaming, in turn, has enabled casinos access to larger markets and got them linked up with contemporary, tech-savvy gamblers.

Live Dealer Games

Courtesy of live casino games, you can experience a land-based casino from your home. The game has clear video streams and expert dealers that make you feel like you are at an actual casino; hence, it becomes hard to tell apart from offline betting and its online counterpart.

Payment Innovations: Seamless Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are here, and it’s Goodbye to Traditional Banking. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have completely transformed how we deposit or withdraw money from Internet casinos, offering quick, secure, and very private means of making payments.

Augmented Reality: The Future Beckons

Augmented reality (AR) has been pivotal in innovating online gaming. Through this technology, players can overlay digital elements in the real world, which results in a gaming experience where people can’t tell what is real from what is not.


The future is an exciting time in gaming thanks to the dynamic duo of both virtual and electronic games, which is inevitable, like AI and VR that are taking them to higher levels, but what fans should brace themselves for is that any other form or method still exists out there waiting than just an internet platform and new casinos online.

How Casino Games Work?

How Casino Games Work?

There are different types of casino games including slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps. Players hope to win these games through various strategies and maximize their earnings through casino bonuses. These games can be sometimes tricky for beginners to understand how they work. To start, casino games are classified into three broad categories namely:

  1. Table games
  2. Novelty games
  3. Gambling machines

Understanding casino games starts from knowing what games fall into what categories. in this guide, we will discuss some of the underlying principles that power these casino games and help you to better understand what goes on behind the scenes when you play.


Most people do not know but math powers many casino games you play. Casinos use it to calculate the winning rate and set terms that will be slightly in their favor. If you understand the math of probability and calculating odds, it becomes easier for you to predict the outcomes and understand how to play your hands to your advantage. This is the reason new gamblers are advised to learn a bit of basic math before they start gambling professionally so that they can have an edge when playing.

Probability and Odds

Probability and odds govern most casino games and although they are set and calculated using math, it is important that you can read them so you can get your playing strategy. The odds determine the probability of an event occurring over another event. Players who do not know how to read odds will be left gambling without a but if guidance or direction. Odds help casinos balance win/loss ratios and get an edge over players. If you hope to get into gambling full time, you will need to understand the fundamentals of odds and probability.


Randomization pays a key role in casino games and many of these games use randomizers to ensure results stay fair overall. These randomization mechanisms keep games like slots interesting because players know there is now way for other players to cheat the system which therefore leads them to decide strategies and means to come away with the win. Trying to get the jackpot may seem like a herculean task but if you understand the reward ratio of the randomized, you will be able to calculate the rate at which you will be rewarded for playing and target you winning to that ratio.


It is foolhardy to play a casino game without a strategy tailored to fit the game you are playing. Card games for example are played within certain rules and these rules govern how the game is played. Understanding these rules and what is possible will help you to strategize the best way to stay ahead and get better winnings when you play.


Bonuses are used to keep players playing and increase their chances of winning. When playing casino games it is important to look for bonuses so that you can get bigger payouts for playing. Different games carry different kinds of bonuses and it is quite important that you boost your winnings because it will require less effort for you to do so. It is important to note that bonuses vary between casinos so feel free to check what casino has the biggest bonuses.


Understanding how casino games work is the key to becoming a better player. When you understand these principles, it becomes easier for you to play more efficiently and tailor your moves to fit these inner workings. Your gambling experience will be greatly improved when you use the systems we have mentioned above to your advantage.

How to Become a Successful Game Developer?

How to Become a Successful Game Developer?

From chasing down the street by police and levelling up to open exciting features and bonuses, the gaming arena is indeed a space of awe and inspiration for any developers and gamers. Gaming was invented in October 1958 and ever since the platform has gone through a rollercoaster ride, reaching at present, bringing beautiful elements in the platter.

You may be a smart gamer and is looking to build a career in the same. But, do you know what is a game developing and designing means and how it differs? The rise of demand in the same is increasing day by day, and one can foresee earning more in the gaming field. That said, we will see the necessary skills are that one must acquire to bring wonder to space.

Game Developers or Designers

Simply put, game development is nothing but creating video games using coding and many software skills. The one who makes these gaming ideas into reality is known as gamer developers. They are also known as programmers. Designers bring the concept, and developers transfer the concept into action.

Even though designers and developers come with the same idea, the work they are indulged in is different. You must not mix these both, instead check what you want to become. Developers are programmers and designers are the ones who bring up the concept and idea of the game.

Skills needed to marvel in the career

Skills needed to marvel in the career

1. Powerful and strong IT skills

If you are thinking of becoming a gaming developer, you must strongly know various IT skills. IT skills include; software programming, designing, coding, animation, and graphics. If you are sure to outdo in all these platforms, you are one step ahead of your game. Apart from all these, you must have few artistic knowledge as well as technical ideas on how to design the concept put forward to you

2. Problem-solving skills

The second most skill is the way you tackle the challenging and technical issues. IT sector, coding is one of the spaces where you meet different forms of challenging problems and coding program-related risks every day to weeks. You must know how you can solve these issues without creating and further issues. Here, you have,’ thinking out-of-box’ mindset.

Time management

3. Time management

Video gaming is a platform where time is restricted, and deadlines are crucial. So, you must know how you tackle all the work in the given period. Also, games are not an overnight decision; it is time-consuming and time-restricted if you really want to bring the best characters.

4. Creativity and culture

The next skill you must have is exceptional creative ideas and bringing all the culture together. Any games to prosper in the field must be created out of the ordinary. For this, you must be a brilliant right-brained.



Gaming development is as tough as any other field of job. To become a game developer, you must have the skills mentioned above at the most. The most crucial points you must have to increase your value in the coding and gaming field is that you must have a flair language in AI.

Top 3 Best Game Development Tools for a Starter Pack

Top 3 Best Game Development Tools for a Starter Pack

Every video games you know and have heard of have met long way of hurdles and obstacles to produce and develop the best games for you. Production is the stages were the software and code made; develop into what we call as games. From assets like sprites or 3D models to a pinch of sound engineers mesmerizing composing, gaming is made open for the gamers.

No, it is not a child’s play. Instead, every gamer is more than 35 years old. However, at present, many gamers are emerging out from their shell, bringing the best version and beating every competitor. Thanks to VR, AR, and MR for making this happen. You may know how to play the game, but do you know what tool is used for developing these amazing games?

Read the following points to learn more about the smart game developing tools. Let us hit the road without any further ado.

Construct 2

1. Construct 2

If you are a fan of 2D games and images, you must know Construct 2 tool. This tool is an HTML tool that helps the developers to produce the game without any further tedious coding. Therefore, this tool is best recommended for beginners, professional developers, teachers, and even the students. Some of the authentic features that make anyone use the tool are;

  1. Spectacular visual effect
  2. Pixels-shader effects
  3. Added behaviour or effects
  4. Visual interface

2. Game Maker: Studio

The second one on the list is famous for its ‘largest gaming developing tool’. Game Maker: Studio helps developers to create 2D and 3D games, images, and applications in the game. For instances; multimedia tools, video games, and other VR applications. As a result, this particular tool is specially designed for beginners and students alike. Few of the best features of Game Maker: Studio includes;

  1. Real-time analytics
  2. Multi-player networking
  3. Source control
  4. Extensibility


3. Unity

Unity has been around the gaming field ever since video gaming was introduced. The tool was once used to create 3D games. After a few years, the software developers made sure to integrate 2D in the arena in the year 2013.

At present, the tool is capable of producing games both 3D and 2D. The tool makes it feasible to play the game on a various medium like Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, WebGL, Facebook, Linux and even some of the VR systems as well. Some of the best feature that makes the tool exceptionally gifted is;

  1. Using Timeline and Cinemachine
  2. Available in both paid and free versions


The above-given are three best tools you can use to create a game as a beginner. Gaming is not as easy as any other coding. You should know the necessities to marvel in this field. As a beginner, you can rely on these three tools to begin exploring the wide variety of gaming tools.

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