Misc Games

These are other games which aren’t necessarily related to RetroDev, but have been worked on by various members of the RetroDev crew. They’re demos, experiments, and games that aren’t complete enough to make it to the ‘Games’ section.

“The Naked Game”
The worlds first piece of online conceptual video game art

“The motivation behind this piece was to further explore the degree to which video games can be considered ‘Art’, by using the constituent parts of a well known gaming experience to explore themes of freedom, restriction, and frailty.”

Disorder – A CHAOS Remake

The 50 fully animated creatures are now hatched from eggs, rather than dished out randomly. They can also level up.

– A large, scrolling, randomly generated map to explore, with fog of war and different terrain types. Magic forests / dark woods are now created by modifying existing trees.

– Improvements, such as magic armour, are now collectables rather than spells.

– Soundtrack Composed By POST MORTEM, Birmingham’s premier metal band!

Download Here – Brief instructions included

Turn based multiplayer wizard battle-em-up based heavily on ‘CHAOS – Battle of the Wizards’ by Julian Gollop, and is more of an evolution of the idea rather than a faithful remake.

It was origionally intended as a simple concept sketch in Dark Basic, but became an obsession a few years back over a long summer of boredom. The result is that it’s in a fairly complete form, aside from a few bugs, and you can have a full multiplayer hot-seat game of it (Like the original – Who plays CHAOS alone!?!).