RetroDev Games

These are the RetroDev Games. I can’t claim sole responsibility for a single one of them, RetroDev is a collection of people with a united view… Put game development back in the bedroom! (well, maybe not, but sit in your room, code games and see what happens!)

Dave’s Day Out

RetroDev has come of age! Dave’s Day Out is now available for download! It’s a tribute to the greatest platform games of the 8-bit home computer era. Collect as many of the flashing objects as you can. Watch out for Mad Chad, Jimmy the Brolly, and many other terrifying and colourful enemies. Prove you’re not a Spatula!

Puzznic – Puzznic is an old-skool block sliding puzzle game originally by Taito. It’s probably the most ‘pure’ remake I’ve done, because the basic gameplay has remained identical, and a lot of the levels in this version are also taken from the original. Slide blocks around the level to eliminate them all!

Union of Heroes – Union of Heroes is a nod towards Fury of the Furries and The Lost Vikings. Combining the platform and RPG genres. Guid your characters around the level, using the special skills of each one to achieve your goals. The nimble Elf may be able to navigate the levels more easily than the hardy Dwarf, but he’d never stand up as well in a brutal fight! This 2 level demo should give you a better idea of the concept.